Parts in body valves

In the so called Parts-In-Body valves, moving components are installed directly into the manifold.This specific solution is designed for lifting machines, earth moving machines, agricultural application and industrial vehicles.

Hose burst valves (ISO8643)

They are auxiliary valves, to be installed directly on hydraulic lifting cylinder in earth moving machines. They are meant to prevent the effects of a possible hose failure on the carrying circuit, according to the requirements fixed by the international standard ISO-8643*.
According to their configuration or type of application on which they are mounted on, they can be piloted 1) by pilot pressure 2) or by pressure picked up from the cylinder's chamber opposite to the side which the valve is installed on.
       * The conformity to ISO8643 is obtained by setting the components directly on the equipment. The machines' manufacturer or retrofit installation firms are bound to certificate results of the conformity test.      

Boom Lowering Valves for Loaders

Boom Lowering Valves for Excavators

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